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I won't be going to DW. When LJ goes, this will vanish. Nothing notable is contained herein, and new crypticism is going to twitter and gplus anyway.
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When/If (former likely) LJ dies forever, anything longform will be on +.

It's true!

Jun. 7th, 2010 09:55 am
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I've been saying this for years. Piers exist at a lot more points than we use them, and using them could open up whole tracts of western Queens and Brooklyn to short, easy commutes to Manhattan.
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Look at this fucking cast! Look at this fucking action! Look at the fucking opening! Look at this fucking trailer, fuckers!
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The lawsuit did not name the rival company, but Electronic Arts Inc. is based in Northern California's Redwood City and is thought to be who Activision is referring to in its filing. Asked whether this was the case, EA spokesman Jeff Brown said, "We don't have the time to comment on the many lawsuits Activision files against its employees and creative partners."

from on the Activision-Blizzard/Infinty Ward suit.
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I'm not going to talk about the past ten years -- it's more than a third of my life, and that much is hard to grapple with (the starting-2000 me hadn't yet picked a major, was considering serious research as a life choice, and didn't really see anything beyond deciding where his schooling was going). I'm not even going to talk about the last year -- it kind of sucked, in a few, mostly related, ways (the only good thing to say about was it was my first calendar year admitted).

What I would like to talk about is how 2009 ended on, in pretty much every way, up-notes for my life.

Employment outlook warming up.
The sword and doom hanging over me all of 2009 was removed (it lasted almost exactly one year, having come fully into existence in mid-December 2008, and ending the last week of 2009).
I faced a soul-destroying, evil-endorsing, "self-help" program that sought to make me hate myself so I'd be someone else (who would then pay them money after money after money to be that new self harder), and came away pleased with myself and with a new confidence and consciousness about why I do the things I do.
Closed out some financial matters.
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Spoilers )

A video

Dec. 24th, 2009 02:50 pm
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from LGM:

I've been trying to say something about this, but I really really can't.

(if you don't know what RAFAEL is)
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Those who made it to lunch @Charles may remember me mentioning the sapeurs, and those who didn't may also find them interesting: for an article for some pictures

The Return

Sep. 28th, 2009 08:11 pm
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10/15, or so they say. If you've never had his chicken, you should plan to go. It's amazing.


Sep. 25th, 2009 09:12 pm
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Obviously, Dollhouse and My Own Worst Enemy share a universe.
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Whatever his faults were, they were not lack of compassion, drive, or competence.
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Lazyweb time:

Short story in which aliens restrict humans to earth for the usual reasons In the form, mostly, of alien memoranda and reports, which end with SPOILER )
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Scroll down. You can probably guess, this was predicted before 4e launched.
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And I've been reading for 10 years.

PA is having a bit of a disagreement. Let's not export that disagreement to here -- I'm sure everyone reading this knows everyone else's opinions on the topics.
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apparently a sequel to Halting State involving 3D printers. What are the criminal applications? Comments that it's well known that one of the first applications of any new technology is pornography....

So arbitrary realdolls, I guess.

via, ultimately, ML.
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At the relevant time -- call it January 2002 through sometime in 2007, when we just gave up trying to understand his motivations for anything -- one of the big questions among those of us who weren't fond of GWB was "what's the real reason he wants to invade Iraq?". Threats of violence had quickly returned Saddam to compliance with the inspection regime, the No-Fly Zone and associated surveillance kept him securely contained, a free Kurdistan was wobbling to its feet, and any Al-Qaeda connection was based upon tenuous evidence of a distant alignment (held against compelling evidence of a vicious mutual antipathy).

By then, the "Corporate Greed-Monger" narrative for Bush and his controllers had already overcome the "Religiously Obsessed Bumpkin" narrative (though both had currency, along with "Monomaniacal Hegemony Humper" and "Daddy-Obsessed Revenge Seeker"). Back then, I made, to at least some people seeing this now, this joke.


Ha. Ha. Ha.

Well, I suppose it's better than my other joke theory.

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