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Joe the Plumber: Neither a plumber, nor named Joe. (And he'd get a tax cut under Obama, both now and assuming he gets that $250,000-$280,000 business going.) Discuss.
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Plenty of people take six years and five institutions in three states to finish their bachelor's degree. Lifetime and nontraditional learning is an excellent alternative to the traditional four-years-and-out system.

Plenty of people worry about what their kids read and try to censor any libraries they control, And of course, wouldn't YOU fire anyone who didn't support you "in their heart" from a government job if YOU were elected?

Plenty of people view working with churches to help recently laid-off workers rebuild their lives with venomous disdain.

Plenty of people have helped run 527's for Ted Stevens.

Plenty of people had their first political experiences supporting apologists for the Nazis.

Plenty of people believe that they are given missions from God to build massive corporate giveaways.

Plenty of people believe their state should secede from the Union.
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I continue to thank S,N!

So, it turns out that the thing of which I would not speak had some sort of kernel of truth within it. But that's not the most hilarious news.

ETA:Alaska Independence Party? She's a secessionist?
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Question: What to do about Palin?
Answer: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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