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At the relevant time -- call it January 2002 through sometime in 2007, when we just gave up trying to understand his motivations for anything -- one of the big questions among those of us who weren't fond of GWB was "what's the real reason he wants to invade Iraq?". Threats of violence had quickly returned Saddam to compliance with the inspection regime, the No-Fly Zone and associated surveillance kept him securely contained, a free Kurdistan was wobbling to its feet, and any Al-Qaeda connection was based upon tenuous evidence of a distant alignment (held against compelling evidence of a vicious mutual antipathy).

By then, the "Corporate Greed-Monger" narrative for Bush and his controllers had already overcome the "Religiously Obsessed Bumpkin" narrative (though both had currency, along with "Monomaniacal Hegemony Humper" and "Daddy-Obsessed Revenge Seeker"). Back then, I made, to at least some people seeing this now, this joke.


Ha. Ha. Ha.

Well, I suppose it's better than my other joke theory.
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COPS: Mardi Gras specials are half-hour long advertisements with the message "Mardi Gras sucks, stay home".
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Born within 2 days of each other in 1947 (Both turning 61 next week). The new beards they're sporting make it especially eerie.
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It just got VERY noisy here. We all know why.


Aug. 18th, 2008 03:09 am
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You know what would be a funny webcomic? xxxkcd.

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