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Scroll down. You can probably guess, this was predicted before 4e launched.
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Senator Sessions: Unable to distinguish between "should" and "can".

A Link

Jun. 29th, 2009 08:29 am
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To a Good Show You're Probably Not Watching. A Recap on the Creator's Blog.
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Schizophrenia is not funny.
Schizophrenia is not heart-warming.
Both of the above go for all mental illness, and quadruply for schizophrenia.
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Don't think genre fiction can be literature? Fuuuuuuck Yoooooooou.

Via ML
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As some of you know, I've had job issues lately, as well as housing issues. After careful deliberation, I have accepted a paid internship at the Reason Foundation. It doesn't pay a lot, but it will cover my expenses, allow me to work on important policy issues (I expect to do a lot of the research for amicus briefs, and I'm told I can anticipate writing one or two, as well as a credited article in Reason Magazine by the end of the year), and with luck lead to a better-paying fellowship either there or at the Cato Institute or Heritage Foundation.

Of course, this will necessitate a move, but I've always wanted to move to beautiful Los Angeles. I'm not sure, but I think I'll be able to afford a car (I'm thinking an Explorer), and something with a nice lawn for a dog to play in. Of course, moving, especially cross-country, can be expensive, but since I'm not obligated to pay taxes to the illegal government of Baquack Hussein ibn-Osama, that's going to be fine.

Talk to you all from the west coast!
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If this post at The ISB isn't a long-form gag, I'm afraid it's actually convinced me to read that comic. So, can anyone verify that the comic is, in fact, as Mr. Sims advertises?
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The URL says it all. The picture on the in-development website says it all. I can't say much else.
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Under the proposed regulation, I believe that a pharmacist could refuse to dispense HIV/AIDS treatments on the basis that it is a punishment for sin, a new-age adherent pharmacist could refuse to dispense any non-homeopathic or herbal remedy, or a devoted monarchist could refuse to dispense medication for the treatment of scrofula.

Indeed, I don't see why a Christian Scientist pharmacist need do anything at all.
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I propose a federal law with two effects:
1: Create a right of action for any harm done to a vaccinated or pre-vaccination (with affidavit from guardians stating prior intent to vaccinate) person by a disease commonly vaccinated against caught due to an initial exposure from a non-vaccinated person.
2: Classify any deaths due to such diseases as homicides.

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