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Those who made it to lunch @Charles may remember me mentioning the sapeurs, and those who didn't may also find them interesting: for an article for some pictures
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And I've been reading for 10 years.

PA is having a bit of a disagreement. Let's not export that disagreement to here -- I'm sure everyone reading this knows everyone else's opinions on the topics.
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I watch Criminal Intent as background noise, and I try and catch all of In Plain Sight, but I had no idea that the latter was a spin-off of the former.
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At first glance, it's just your average conspiracy + homeopathy site. But look deeper, and it's so much more than that! All the loons are talking about chemtrails, but how many are talking about Sylphs cleaning up after them (who may or may not, I can't really decipher it, come from the outer solar system)? Lots of sites will propose homeopathic cures, often including hazardous amounts of various shiny metals, but how many will offer you alchemical recipes, or suggest that bacteria are actively transmuting base metals into gold?

It's just wonderful
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Very good. VERY good. Moist but not drippy, good tasty buns, a variety of toppings available, including some house-made sauces that are very flavorful (I suggest the chimichurri). Good atmosphere for a burger joint, very friendly staff (owner is running the register), Coke in glass bottles and nigh-undrinkable shakes (as in, might as well get a spoon), and really incredible fries round it out.

I recommend it.

100th and Lex.
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It would just be too, too cruel if this was simply a lie or in development hell.
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If this post at The ISB isn't a long-form gag, I'm afraid it's actually convinced me to read that comic. So, can anyone verify that the comic is, in fact, as Mr. Sims advertises?
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bOingbOing has Charles Platt guestblogging this week. After a WalMart-fellating post earlier this week, he's decided to use the platform of bb to promote Climate Change Denialism.

That's not funny, just annoying.

What's funny is the near-perfect Cory/Xeni chain-combo (starting with this post) linking excellent Climate Change sources, empirical evidence, analysis, and more.

When I talk about Mr. Doctorow, it's often to disagree on IP issues, but I have to thank him for responding to the pests in his own yard.
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The URL says it all. The picture on the in-development website says it all. I can't say much else.


Nov. 7th, 2008 07:00 pm
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Chick Tract #7: "The Beast"

Found with the canned tomatoes in a Food Emporium on the UES.
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Born within 2 days of each other in 1947 (Both turning 61 next week). The new beards they're sporting make it especially eerie.
Image Hosted by
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How come I've never heard of Tim Wise before?


Oct. 28th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Sarah Palin doesn't look like Tina Fey, she looks like Peggy Hill.

Note: When seeking to verify this, one might wish to turn on SafeSearch if using Google Image Search. Just... trust me.
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Or relative, or a friend thereof, who is male and in their early teens, he could be Aang.

This has been a public service announcement.

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