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We're really enjoying our guests, now that they've acclimated a bit, but we're having a couple of issues:
1: They scratch their litter very vigorously, more so than any cat I've dealt with before. Sounds like they're running a paper shredder, and it gets everywhere. Were this a permanent or even long-term arrangement, I'd have to get a covered box, and certainly will do so if (as I hope) we do wind up with a cat or cats of our own.
2: I filled the bottle of their water apparatus, and they knocked it over. This wouldn't be SO bad, but I'm keeping all their stuff in one room as it's a temporary arrangement. The water spilled onto spilled litter and, well, even though it wasn't dirty litter, nothing set like concrete to the floor is exactly fun. Again, if this were long-term, as I hope a future kitty to be, this wouldn't be a problem, as a better solution would be found.
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Cats are nocturnal. These cats are VERY nocturnal -- they spend the day hiding under things, and then spend the night jumping into beds and headbutting their occupants while meeping. They also like to lash the soles of my feet with their tails while I'm sound asleep, which as I'm sure you can imagine is quite surprising.

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