Jul. 15th, 2009 09:31 am
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Charles Stross's next book (described only by title and what it's not here) will concern a system (probably highly-automated with distributed human components (possibly a hijacked altruistic distributed-computing platform) for generating arbitrary, high-quality, realistic pornography featuring arbitrary persons.

Said pornography will then be used for some kind of financial shenanigan -- either a major stock manipulation (most likely of a large entertainment company, but possibly of an insurer/bank by causing them to pay out completion insurance on a major production) or, for the weirder but smaller payoff, a move in the royalty backed bond secondary market.
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Senator Sessions: Unable to distinguish between "should" and "can".
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Everyone said this BEFORE they announced the Chrome browser. Everyone said this WHEN they announced the Chrome browser. Everyone has said this SINCE they announced the Chrome browser.

Now Google says it.

[via bb]
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My personal-favorite show starting with alien gibberish chanting (yes, more favorite than Farscape) to be remade/rebooted/sequeled (it's not clear).

If this goes as well as the BSG reboot, I'll finally get to wear my own version of Emily's actually-very-terrifying Halloween costume. Sadly, this has been a dream of mine for more than a decade, but no one would have gotten it.

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Jun. 29th, 2009 08:29 am
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To a Good Show You're Probably Not Watching. A Recap on the Creator's Blog.
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[ profile] negativeq started feeling sickish on Thursday. By Friday evening she felt terrible. Yesterday, her doc said it's possibly pig plague (though likely not), gave her a course of Tamiflu, and sent her home with instructions to stay there.

So right as my back feels better, I'm under a suggested self-quarantine for at least the weekend, and if I feel bad at all am not to go to work tomorrow.

It's probably a good thing we wound up canceling Saturday's plan.
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Schizophrenia is not funny.
Schizophrenia is not heart-warming.
Both of the above go for all mental illness, and quadruply for schizophrenia.
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With Inu-Yasha finally over, Rumiko Takahashi is writing Rin-ne (which, ht to [ profile] erinfinnegan is available free at her US website). We're only four chapters in, so I'm not really able to review it, but I can say some things about it.
  • it is clearly a Takahashi-drawn manga. Very much so.
  • It bears certain similarities to Bleach, at least so far. Consider, however, how different the start of Bleach was to everything that went after.
  • I still find cheapskate gags funny.
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As I have mentioned to some of you, I co-have a foodblog. I haven't linked it yet because the co-author didn't post until tonight, but GastronoNY is now past the soft-open stage and is ready for reading.

Come by and comment, won't you?
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Good: Either the previous resident never once used the oven or it was freshly installed for us.
Bad: I didn't realize that, so I didn't check for the manual. As a result, while roasting my chicken, I semi-broiled the manual.

Bad smell, some carbon stuck to the lower part of the broiler pan, but no serious damage.
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On an open wireless visible from my new desk location. In the "right, so this is in THIS box, so I need to find the box that has the OTHER thing..." stage of unpacking. Warming TBA.


Apr. 27th, 2009 05:10 pm
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ETA: The worst part is, besides an apparently high fever, all I have is a tiny bit of throat scratch and a little bit of tiredness (not even THAT tired), both of which are completely expected after I spent the day getting out large dusty objects, beneath which resided dust bunnies from the dawn of time. I would have gone on with my day had Q not been shocked by the temperature of my skin and redness of my face.

I wonder if this started yesterday -- I felt extremely warm all day, not feverish, just hot. I know that I like things a little cooler than most, but usually people respond to my being uncomfortably hot by agreeing it's maybe a little warm, but not unpleasant, while yesterday the response was universally complete disagreement.

ETFA: I have no idea what this was. Within 2.5 hours, I was feeling noticeably better, I was less red, and my fever was down. Half an hour after that, I suddenly broke into a sweat, and have felt fine since then. What the FUCK causes a six-to-eight-hour fever?
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Our packing week was not the right week to re-start WW. My energy levels are up and down and I just feel sub-wonderful.
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Don't think genre fiction can be literature? Fuuuuuuck Yoooooooou.

Via ML
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I watch Criminal Intent as background noise, and I try and catch all of In Plain Sight, but I had no idea that the latter was a spin-off of the former.
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At first glance, it's just your average conspiracy + homeopathy site. But look deeper, and it's so much more than that! All the loons are talking about chemtrails, but how many are talking about Sylphs cleaning up after them (who may or may not, I can't really decipher it, come from the outer solar system)? Lots of sites will propose homeopathic cures, often including hazardous amounts of various shiny metals, but how many will offer you alchemical recipes, or suggest that bacteria are actively transmuting base metals into gold?

It's just wonderful
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COPS: Mardi Gras specials are half-hour long advertisements with the message "Mardi Gras sucks, stay home".
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As some of you know, I've had job issues lately, as well as housing issues. After careful deliberation, I have accepted a paid internship at the Reason Foundation. It doesn't pay a lot, but it will cover my expenses, allow me to work on important policy issues (I expect to do a lot of the research for amicus briefs, and I'm told I can anticipate writing one or two, as well as a credited article in Reason Magazine by the end of the year), and with luck lead to a better-paying fellowship either there or at the Cato Institute or Heritage Foundation.

Of course, this will necessitate a move, but I've always wanted to move to beautiful Los Angeles. I'm not sure, but I think I'll be able to afford a car (I'm thinking an Explorer), and something with a nice lawn for a dog to play in. Of course, moving, especially cross-country, can be expensive, but since I'm not obligated to pay taxes to the illegal government of Baquack Hussein ibn-Osama, that's going to be fine.

Talk to you all from the west coast!

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